Poly and traveling.

We are taking a trip this weekend to a music festival.  4 of us. All adults. Our triad and My girlfriend. When i booked the hotel room and I attempted to get a king room it told me I had too many people.   I thought no 4 people fit in a king easily.  Much more easily than 2 in a double.  So I dropped the number of adults to two.  It finally gave me the king room.

But why can’t ,I the consumer, pick the room I want.  After all, I am paying for the room.  I am the one staying there. If I want a king room sell me a king room. If I was traveling as a couple Id opt for the queen room, with kids a double.  But no we are adults, we want a king room! Stop removing our choice please. And thats it.  Controlled marketplace controls rates and profits.  Are they really loosing anything from three adults in a room vs two adults and a kid or two kids?  Most likely not.  Most likely a two adult, two kid family costs the hotel more than three adults. And I tried to find research to back up my claim and could find noe supporting it or disprooving it. If you have info to either I would love to read it.


So why do hotels, travel agents, and even resorts with “Family packages” get to dictate what a “Family package” or Room occupancy is? I think the main reason is they don’t know any better. Most hotels, I have encountered,  charge a minimum of $25.00 per additional adult at booking. There are some that don’t care or charge.  But some also see it as theft, and have been known to kick people out. Resorts have been known to charge an entire extra nights stay for just one adult additional (not including amenities like tickets, food etc.). I suggest allowing people to add on additional adults at a reasonable rate.   This bothers me a lot and it ends up costing additional funds to go on trips with multiple adults. Which is why we don’t take a lot of large vacations.

Can we please start educating the travel industry that family isn’t how they define it as a business. But like WE define it as a family.  In fact, the entire business community needs to know this. From travel to insurance, we should talk to them and say, no this is what my family looks like.  Next time you book a vacation with your partners, keep this in mind. Ask if there is an add on rate. Or ask if there is an adult family plan (no kids). We can change it we just have to challenge it.


Happy travels!


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