A Passive Activist— From my Examiner page.

Activists, we see them all the time, holding rallies, marches, and protests. Sometimes they host benefit dinners or charity events. All the glitz and glam of a Hollywood awards show; the press, a string quartet playing, the red carpet , and high profile guests. They raise all the money and get all the praise, the public adores them,or hates them based on the message. Things get done this way.  It is ‘the way’. But is it the only way?

Meanwhile, in a small town a person with their laptop blogging about the injustices to them and their family. How they were denied the right to visit their partner in the hospital because they don’t have a  Healthcare Directive. They then go about their day not thinking about it any more. A few days pass and a letter arrives addressed from the Capitol. It is an invitation to the family to visit the State Representative’s office to discuss what can be done to help their situation.

Floored by the invitation, the person asks their partners over dinner, “Did you write or call the Capitol?” The partners reply “No , why?” So the first explains the invite and what happened to the rest of the family. Stunned they discuss it and decide to accept the invitation.   While quietly going through their day and just venting her frustrations on the internet, they were able to make an impact on someone who had an influence. This was not their intent.  They were just living their life and sharing their woes.

These are t37518_1496080892192_1539205357_1223006_4608658_she people that deserve as much credit for helping things change as the big money event doers. But they don’t want it, need it, or expect it. To them, they have done nothing more than blog, tweet, put a Facebook status or Google Plus post out to share with their friends. To someone else they are an activist. By telling their story they speak for others and sometimes, they can affect change. They DO affect change.

 I encourage you to blog, tweet, and share your experiences. Not as if is a big thing that the world should notice, instead, do it as a normal part of your day. Its not a big deal that you may be _______.  Its part of who you are. Be proud of that.   You too can make a difference. All it takes is a few minuets to stand up for what you feel is right for you. Be it a blog post or anonymous letter to the paper, a Tweet or Facebook post, a conversation with a friend or stranger. You can be an activist by being yourself.   Sometimes its the quiet ones they never see that make the biggest impact.

If we live in fear and hide in the shadows, then we will never be able to walk in the light.


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