Symbols of a relationship 1 year and growing.

With Lindsey and I approaching our 1 year anniversary we started talking about gifts and budgets for such.  The other day we were driving around and began talking about what we could do to symbolize our relationship.  A year is a milestone event in relationships.  To stay together for a year and grow, learn, and develop better skills is a lot of work in a mono relationship.  Now in Poly life thats like atleast 3 times the work. 

Another factor is that we arent at a point in our relationship where we can move in together, or do anything major life changing that sometimes occurs at a milestone time line event in relationships. Not because we don’t want to, but because there are many other factors and people to take into consideration.  And until everyone is ready we wont put any undo stress on anyone else. Not to mention that changes the dynamic of a relationship and sometimes not for the better. 

Of course, we are getting each other anniversary gifts. Also, we are taking a trip together to Florida at the end of the month. Lindsey suggested we get something while on our trip.  It would be something that symbolized our trip and our relationship. I like this idea.  It means we shop together and learn more about the others tastes for things.  Im not a jewelry person.  And while she doesn’t wear jewelry, Im sure she would If I got her something.I’m not convinced that jewelry is what I want to give her. In our nontraditional relationship It seems so traditional, ordinary and obvious. And it wont be a tattoo.  

I guess its something that we will probably see and say “oh thats it!”.  We’d liek it to be unique and special . Something that says us and shows all the work we’ve put into ourselves to make this work. Its been a long year and a lot of work.  We also want it to be a symbol for the future and what we are working toward. 

What are some of your symbols for the relationships you have?   What do they stand for?  How did you decide? 



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