So , I made Playgirl Magazine!

Scratch that off the bucket list. No, I wasnt a model. But they did use my picture. In fact they used the Picture of 3 of us. It was a story on Polyamory and its growing numbers. There were a few things I didnt like about it.
One, it was a Whitewashed Middle Class viewpoint. Granted we are talking about Playgirl Mag. There was however lots of opportunity to connect the author with POC groups. Whether there was any interest from those groups is yet to be known.
Two, Calling it a “Craze” and using terms that in many ways cut the movement’s strength and direction as something that may be around as long a parachute pants. A fad if you will. Even though the people interviewed had all had long lasting Poly relationships and talked about the movement and its direction.
Third, and most selfishly, the Picture they used of us was TINY! Lol i know page size, format, yadda yadda. But everyone else had a more distinct photo.

So not that much bad about it. I think over all it was a good story. It did talk about a lot of the concepts and directions poly people are coming from . Well enough of me.. Here read it for yourself.


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