Beginning the transition.

SO about 6 months ago ish, Lindsey and i started talking about how nice it would be if we all lived together.  We we just throwing the talk out there and loosely trying to find a  time that may be feasible.  Well, this weekend we had a more formal discussion with the rest of the family and things look pretty good at this point.

Since we don’t have her house on the market yet and there are still a lot of other things in flux, we decided that a slow moving in period would begin.  This would do many things.  If we start it at the end of this month, we wont have to find summer camp for our 10 year old.  That saves us $160 a week and over the course of a 10 week summer break that’s significant!  Also it gives Lindsey a view of what daily life is like at the house and if she really wants this.  As well as the rest of the family getting to know Lindsey as a house mate and not a house guest.
Several things need to happen first.  Bedroom needs to be set up office one of the bathrooms needs to be fixed up a bit. More updating than anything else.   SO it isn’t a clean move in thing yet.   She will likely stay with us during the week and then go to her place on the weekends.
We need to start the cat integration as well. The dog has learned his place with our cats…..  he doesn’t have one.  LOL… SO its time to start on the cats introduction to one another.  This should be fun.


Step one has begun.  Ill keep you all posted as to the progress.



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