SO just a quick update on things in my polycule.

We are growing and building with each other.  This month marks a big step.. Lindsey’s house is up for sale and an offer has come in.  through some negotiations we have an agreed price and terms.  Now we hope the lenders approve and she can sell her house.  Thsi will be so helpful to have that property and those bills done away with.   It will be freeing of stress and helpful in the financial world for the house.

We set up a new budget and contribution schedule pending the sale of Lindsey’s house.   We took all the joint bills added them together then divided by 4 .  Due to the fact that incomes are different and what qualifies as a “fair share” doesn’t always mean “equal parts”  we adjusted  the amounts to reflect  a more accurate representation of one’s income.  For instance, one of us in the house makes substantially more than the lowest paid person in the house.  Is it fair that they both pay equal parts?  We decided not so.   The Highest paid pays  a little more than the mean and the lowest paid a little less .  The middle paid also contribute more than the lowest paid but not as much as the highest.
(I hope that makes sense.)

I also have recently bought Lindsey a ring. (She knows so this isnt a spoiler)  But I cant find a good time or think of a good place to give her the ring.   Id like for the whole family to be there.  However, the kitchen is not always the best place to present someone with a ring. LOL .  If any of my readers have any ideas feel free to shoot me a message via the contact page.

I bought a new car!   Yep 2015 Honda Accord.  Moved up to  a family class car.  LOL We needed something bigger. As our family is growing we will need something that can fit us all comfortably on road trips.

What else…….  Bought new windows for the house!

Getting ready for ’15/’16 conference season.   I’ve sent in my presenter applications to all those that I normally go to.  I will not be presenting at Beyond the Love this year however I will be in Attendance.   I have yet to hear back from Poly Living Phili…..  Ill be in attendance at Sex Down South and Infinity Con (2 new Sex Positive cons in the Atlanta Metro.  I am really looking forward to all the learning coming up in the near future and new connections with new people .  Also very much looking forward to renewing connections with those I haven’t seen in awhile.

So thats about all that is going on.  Want to hear my take on a particular topic?  Ask me in the comments or send me an email .  I’d bet happy to lend my opinion.

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