You Me Her- First take

I watched it….  and I liked it here’s why.

First,  they call it a “PolyRomantic Comedy.”  They use the word “Polyamorous” in the advertising.
Second, they are not going all out big box big budget appeal to the masses. Its a small scale production that is dipping its toes in the waters, if you were.  Almost to see if the subject matter is appealing to viewers.
Third, it doesn’t look like the typical 3rd person affair/ lover in secret hollywood scripting.  This is much more Honest, open communication about what ,when, why and who.
Sitting there watching this story, I almost forgot that it was a fictional portrayal.  I mean I seriously felt as if I was watching my neighbors, or myself, on this show.  I think they did a great job with researching the topic and the producers really found a way to make this seem real.  I almost wonder how much “acting” there was at times because it all felt very natural.
At one point in the show, Emma (Rachel Blanchard) says to husband Jack (Greg Poelher)  ” I want to know everything that happened”.  I said out loud, “No you really dont. It wont help” .  Why?  Because I have lived this moment.  Early on in our explorations into Polyamory and Open Relationships.   On both sides…  I have been the husband that comes home to confess all that I did because I don’t like having secrets, and I have been the one who asks to hear “every single detail”  It’s not as easy as it looks in the show.  There are a lot of emotions going on and I almost wish they would have shown some of that.  So, to me this show is very emotionally connecting.  I was in tears by the end.
Yes, there were a few things that I wasn’t crazy about.  I am not prepared enough to go into detail about them and I want to see if the show handles them the way I think they will.

Overall,   I give it 3.5 out of 5 for a Premiere of a very close to home subject.   We will see how it progresses, but teasers for future episodes look promising!

If you want to watch You Me Her you can catch it on Direct TV and ATT Uverse  Audience Network (ch 239 ) Watch the Trailer 

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