I have done it now.  There goes all my fun time and money….

Yep I bought a boat.   This is a project boat.  I really wanted something water ready… but the budget didn’t allow for that.   SO I bought this boat. $500.00 Motor, Boat and trailer.  Not to bad.  I knew going in it was going to need a little work. I figured somewhere between $300 and $500 more to get it water ready. Once I got into it I have found that it needs a LOT more work.

IMG_20160428_142352209_HDRDay 1
The entire floor was rotted out.  Which by itself wouldn’t have been a big deal.   However upon further inspection I found that the Stringers were also completely rotten.  All of the flooring was rotten.  The previous owner had laid in a pallet type of floor system.  That seemed to work ok for walking around, but it didnt fix the problem.  So that was the first thing I removed.

Next came removal of the storage and deck additions. To include the console, seats, cooler, lids and storage .  and pretty much anything else that wasn’t part of the structure of the boat.
Once I got all that pulled out It was much easier to see how much work was going to be needed.   (Cliff notes version A LOT)


That is when I began the demolition of the flooring. it was dirty, stinky, slimy, and gross. It was mostly a hands on job too meaning that I didn’t need to use power tools to do the work, just grab and toss.  It didn’t take long.  One part when I pulled the floor up revealed trapped water that I’m not exactly sure how long it had been in the boat.  After a little more sweating and swearing and an hour or two….an entire 16 foot boat floor fit in a 30 gallon garbage can…. with room to spare.


Day 2 Stringer inspection..

After I got the floor vacuumed out with a shop vac and washed down really well, I wanted to take a look at just how bad the stringers were.  There were no bulkheads in the boat, only long stringers to support the flooring.  IMG_20160428_172503991_HDR

You don’t have to know alot about wood, or boats to know that those stringers are GONE!.  Waterlogged, (as of this writing 5 days after their removal they are still wet) rotten and in very bad shape.  So looks like they need to be replaced as well.   SO on to removal of the stringers…. It wasn’t hard but it wasn’t easy either.  I learned a few things…. 1 having a dremel tool to help you cut the fiberglass will be a lifesaver.  Although most of the fiber was loose and I was able to use a chisel and or putty knife to remove it.  A dremel would have been faster.  Wear LONG SLEEVES… Fiberglass will get everywhere.   Have a garbage can nearby to toss all that old fiberglass in as soon as it comes out.  You dont want to be kneeling down on fiberglass.

After the stringers were removed I basically have a hull and 2 live wells.  So on the up side I can pretty much do what ever I want with the flooring system at this point. On the down side this is going to cost a lot more money than I had planned. B.O.A.T.  Break Out Another Thousand.



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