About Billy

Billy Holder is a Polyamory activist, educator, and community organizer who helped found and manage the Non-Profit Organization Atlanta Polyamory,as well as Atlanta Poly Weekend. Billy also served as the Vice President of  Relationship Equality Foundation Inc. a public charity 501 (c)(3), where his primary role was outreach, education and new program development. Also as a member of the Polyamory Leadership Network, he is in contact with Polyam community leaders from around the world and is up to date on all the happenings, conferences, news, and events.
Billy has been Poly identified since 2004, but believes he has always been poly, since he began dating. Monogamy never worked out right. His first experience with multiple relationships was asking someone to the prom as a 2nd date. They didn’t react kindly at the notion they were back up in case the plans with the first fell through. But he never got to explain that’s not what he meant.Much growth has happened since and he now knows the value of upfront disclosure in relationships.

Billy and his family have been featured in CNN.com article “Polyamory:When three is not a crowd” By Emmanuella Grinberg, Sex and Dating : Is Atlanta a Hotbed for Polyamory- GA voice Feb 2011, the Australian Morning TV Show, ” Weekend Sunrise” and also,  NBC’s “One Big, Happy, Poly, Family” and others see the MEDIA page for a full list! He has been a presenter at Poly Living, Beyond the Love, Frolicon, Outlantacon, The Warehouse SC, Atlanta Poly Weekend, Georgia State University and others. See Appearances to find out where he will be next.

In Billy’s ‘spare’ time he balances a busy life of Father, Partner and Boyfriend. As well as training in Taekwondo With a daughter and partners who are also active in Taekwondo. Having recently earned a Black Belt his training has only just really begun. His weeknights are usually a blur of driving, scheduling, and cooking. Date night is in there for his partners individually to ensure personal connection time and support for each. The weekends are spent with family and friends, when not teaching or working for the rights of others. Hobbies include Taekwondo, Geocaching, kayaking, camping, boating, woodworking, shooting range time, and yard work.


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