Here you can find a list of the classes I  do at conventions, conferences, public speaking events, and more places.  If you would like to use these classes in your community please contact me about how you can have me in your area, and we can discuss the arrangements.
Should you have a class request that isn’t listed below please ask.   We can talk about it and see if I am able to deliver the proper message for you.

CLASSES Available

Coming Out– (1-2 hours) Who, what, why and how…  It really doesn’t matter what you have to come out about, the reasons, the process and the techniques can be very similar for a successful coming out.  Join this interactive discussion about the process.

Community Organizing-( 1-2 hours) This will be a discussion about how my partners and I started, managed, and grew Atlanta Polyamory meetup group, and now manage a national nonprofit for relationship education and outreach, Relationship Equality Foundation Inc.  Tips, tricks and tools of the trade we used that are cheap, easy, and very powerful.

Love isnt a 0 sum Game-(2 hours) Managing multiple relationships can be difficulty.  Why make it harder by trying to be first?  Come hear how I have dealt with the situations of feeling like I have to be the most important person, how I grew and what you may be able to try in your own relationships. As well as strategies for having other partners who want to be first.

The New Poly 101 –  (1-2 Hours) Presented at Leather Leadership 2017 Atlanta GA Polyamory from a personal choice, respect and autonomy perspective.  We will explore the different styles of Polyamory, how they affect us and what some of the best practices for new folks coming into polyamory can try to lend the best possible chances of success in their relationships.
The New Poly 101 Slides

Non-monogamy for the masses-   What is Consensual Non-monogamy?  Who does it?  And the general concepts. This is a class best attended by those who have little to no exposure to CNM and want to know more.

How to run a successful conference (1-2 Hours) – Relationship Equality Foundation host a major conference in Atlanta every year.  Its been going for 6 years and is growing every year. So how did we do it?  What makes it work?  Come find out how we did it, how you can do it, and what it takes to be a conference planner.

Active Loving – Creating Conscious Relationships. – Presented @ RelateCon 2017 Boise ID Active communication- ´In a conscious relationship expression of who you are and what you want is the point. In a conscious relationship love is not the final destination, it is the fuel for the journey. As two people move forward together with the joint sense that they are doing so as two people looking to be 100% themselves, they will find love in ways they never knew they could. (not my quote.)
Active Loving DOWNLOAD Class Slides
Relationship assessment Worksheet





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