There’s No Winning in Polyamory

Atlanta Poly Inc Hosts Billy Holder for an educational session on the struggles we face in hierarchy structured relationships.
How “the desire to be first” can topple relationships.  We will talk about how resentment builds, communication barriers are built, and the ways to prevent that from happening.  We all want to have happy relationships,  in order to do so we need to have the skills and abilities to do so, but also the knowledge of how to use those skills.  These are but only a few of the many skills one will need to know how to use to have happy, successful relationships, no matter how many people are involved.

Come learn from my mistakes and experiences.  Give yourself the edge that I didn’t have.

This class has a cost of $20.00 per person and is payable to the organization hosting the event.
This class is targeted to all levels of individuals practicing and looking to practice consensual non-monogamy in a polyamorous style.

For more information please contact me below.

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